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  Featuring Recycled Hand Painted Horse Shoes

and other Crafty Items

Art, one hoof at a time....
What started out as a sentimental recycle of my horse's shoes as decorations, blossomed into a journey on an unexpected path.

Now I am painting recycled horse shoes for others with artwork, holiday motifs and symbols of Hope; stall name plates; name plates for your front door, and more. I've started experimenting with adding wood to create unique key and jewelry holders; and have even begin dabbling with some welding ideas.

We will even use Your Horse's recycled shoes

Those wishing to have a sentimental memory created with their own horse's recycled shoes are welcome to send them in or bring them by.

Make a donation towards care and feeding of the horses at Rescue Riders Horse Rescue in Valkaria, Florida by using the PayPal button below:

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